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Arsen Dallan is most popular behavioral marketer in Russia.
In 2016 нe has more than 70 broadcastes about customer psychology on all main Russian TV channels: 1 Channel, Russia, Russia 24, NTV, Ren Tv and others
Interview on 1 channel, 19 min
RBK, about craft revolution, 24.03.2017
RBK, about nation branding 10.06.2017
РадиоМетркс, О клиентоцентричности в цифровой экономике
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OTR , about pleasure and behavior, 24.10.2016
Moscow 24, about fasting and marketing, 10.10.2016
Life news, about psychology of sales
Ren Tv, about customer behavior
5 Channel, about terrorism marketing
Ren Tv, about sales and addiction of shopping
1 Channel, about design of customer behavior and sales
1 Channel, about customer irrationality
1 Channel, about methods of marketing persuasion

Ren Tv, about salt consumption
Ren Tv, about sugar consumption
Ren Tv, about fastfood
Arsen Dallan is author more than 100 articles in business magazines, such as Vedomosti, Kommersant and others
And radio translations
About mass behavior, Радио Россия 20.02.2017
About sales, decision making process and social development, Radio Rossii, 19.04.2017
About behavioral marketing features, Радио Россия 1.10.2016
How manage consumer behavior, Radio Russia, 04.02.2017
Pleasure, consumption, and human behavior, Vesti Fm 17.09. 16
Consumer behaviora and psycology, Vesti FM, 17.11. 2016
Watch backstages of new interviews
Pyatniza, about design decision making, 19.12.2016
Backstage of interview on Black Friday, Ren TV, 24.11.2016

Radio Moscow 10.01.2017 About trade centres and childgren
Ali express
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